• Bob Fromm

    on May 30, 2021

    Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer. Celebrations at the lake, road trips and time at the pool are the usual activities for most people. For us, it brings the opportunity for a family day at the farm, taking care of maintenance things, mowing, cleaning ditches, clearing brush and old noxious trees, and stuff like that. Sounds pretty mundane to most folks, but for us, it is a much anticipated weekend. A labor of love, you might say.

    This year, the old red shed started to get a new coating of red stain. It was an overdue project, and the wood drank the stain like water. It turns out that two gallons only did about half of the building, so we will be back with a couple more gallons to finish it off real quick. It is beginning to look like a new building. Those who manned the brushes and rollers did a great job. Mom, Don Don, Kim, John, Jen and Mike, Eric and Kelly, and Susan all took care of the painting detail while I went to the back to cut trails in the pasture.

    Last year, the trail system was pretty short and narrow. This year, I expanded the trails quite a bit, taking them from north to south, the entire length of the pasture. I also widened them out so that the kids could walk side by side as they explore the natural beauty of this small grassland. Happy to say that this year, there were not as many noxious weeds, just a lot of tall grass. There were a few pockets of wild parsnips though, and I tried to knock those down as best I could so everybody could avoid contact with these plants. An encounter with this week is worse than poison ivy or any other irritating weed.

    I also did a little mowing along the roads, but left the edges of the ditch uncut since the weeds were not present like they were in the past. When you look at the pictures, you may notice that there is what looks like a crop growing at the edge of the fields, that is a cereal rye planted by the farmer to help with erosion along the edges of the fields. I think it looks nice, the rye and the tall grasses dancing in the winds.

    It is always a great way to spend the day with the family, it sounds like work, but it is really our idea of a good time. So thankful that we are blessed with this opportunity to spend time at the farm, with family, we would not have it any other way.

    Thanks Mom, for giving this opportunity, thanks to Don Don, Kim and John, Jen and Mike, Chase, Susan, and Eric and Kelly for pitching in and for spending great family time at the famr