Once again, while we have been cursing the covid debacle this past year, it has caused us to think outside the box when it comes to celebrating holidays. There has been some debate over the years about celebrating at the farm, and thanks to covid, we have opted to give the farm a shot for our major holidays.

Last year, it was Thanksgiving/Christmas. That celebration went very well, the weather was perfect for an outside event, and it prompted everybody to pull for having Easter 2021 at the farm.

Once again, it happened, and it was a fantastic day, to say the least. Almost everybody was there. We did miss Tra, Nathan and the kids, but for those of us that were there, it could not have been better. Other than the wind, the weather was perfect. Sunshine, "warmer" temps, and the cursed wind. The winds were high enough to warrant a fire danger warning from the weather service, so no open flames, but they weren't needed.

The comments coming in now are that everybody would love to see this become a new family tradition, that Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, of course  the 4th of July, and any other major celebrated holiday happen at the farm. I would not object, For sure

We will see what the future brings, and I am sure there will be more holiday celebrations at the farm, and I know that it puts a special "family" flavor to the day.

Thanks to Mom for allowing herself to step outside of her comfort zone and having the parties at the farm, we couldn't do these without her blessing. Happy Easter everybody, and it looks like a good kick off to the warmer weather.

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