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To say that the farm means a lot to our family is a slight understatement. Everybody loves to spend time at the farm, sometimes it is just to hang out and escape the craziness that surrounds us in town, sometimes it is to celebrate a holiday, and sometimes we are down there to work.

Not that we do any actual farming, that is left to a tenant farmer, it would be fun, but there is no way we could do it ourselves and be profitable. Our work centers on keeping the place looking good, mowing the yard, keeping the place neat and clean, ready for a family gathering at a moment's notice.

One of the projects that we have taken on is to place a rock drive around the two buildings, giving us a place to drive in and park without tearing up the yard. This past summer, the family got together and hand shoveled 24 ton of rock, creating a nice approach to the buildings. What a difference it made. I think we still have work to do with rock, but it is a great excuse to get everybody together at the farm.

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