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This past year, I have been very fortunate to have been able to tag along with Don Murphy (Black Diamond Farms) and his crew as they performed their work on Mom's farm. It has been my goal to learn about the whole farming process, not just the drive by that we see every day when we are out and about, but a closer look at what it takes to get a crop at the end of the growing season.

When I arrived on the farm for my ride a long, I ran into one of the guys getting ready to do some tillage on the front field that had already been harvested.  He informed me that Don and the guys had to take the combine back to the shop because an auger broke and needed to be repaired. So, I headed back and sure enough, no combine,  just a couple of tractors and grain carts, and the corn head for the combine. Don showed up a short time later,  and soon I was boarding the combine for a ride thru the corn. 

Riding along, it was obvious to me, the attraction to being a farmer. The view is pretty awesome, and even with the challenges that come up all the time, I could not imagine a better way to spend the day.

The thing that amazed me was the technology involved with getting a harvest in the bin. Computers are everywhere and the operator knew the yield per acre, moisture content, weight of the corn in the hopper, the speed that he was driving the combine. It is NOT your grandpa's farm anymore. These guys have to have some of the old farmer within, they have to be educated in all of the technology. They are business men, mechanics, laborers and truck drivers, all rolled into one. That is a lot of hats to wear to get a job done. I also noticed that this is not just a job for these guys. It is a way of life, a calling. 

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