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Towards the back half of my high school years, I picked up an interest in photography. Dad let me "borrow" his old Argus C-3, a 35 mm camera that was not only a workhorse, it was a rock solid workhorse. No light meters, no auto focus, just a good camera to learn the mechanics of the trade.

Over the years, just as with just about every aspect of our lives, technology has changed and along comes digital photography. At first, I looked down on it. The cameras were expensive, and as a working stiff, supporting a family, I could not justify that expense, so in the beginning, I stuck to film.

When I finally jumped into the digital world, I was hooked. I quickly fell for the ability to shoot as many images as I wanted, and then load them on to the computer, edit the image the way I wanted it to be edited.

Today, I have accumulated well over 80,000 images, not all of them worth anything, but you never know, I might come up with a way to edit one of those to create a unique piece of art.

Come on in, check out the galleries and take a look at the world as I see it. It sure beats the view we get from tv. Each gallery has a opportunity for you to leave a comment, I really wish you would. I love to hear from you. And, if you like a particular image, go ahead and order a print, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit, and I hope you come back often.


Untitled photo
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