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The Stone Bridge at Lincoln Park is a special place in my mind. As a "NEWT" or "North End White Trash" , the park that is home to this bridge is on our side of town, and from the bridge,  depending on the season, you can see the top of Lincoln's Tomb, and you can see the old, restored entrance to Oak Ridge Cemetery, and the original burial site of Abraham Lincoln.

As a kid, we used to ice skate on the pond at the bridge, and I have done my share of "fishing" for little minnows that we would keep in a bait bucket for as long as we could, usually bringing them back to put back in the pond.

Today, the bridge brings back a lot of memories for people on the north end. Most of us grew up in this part of town, so the park and the bridge are a part of our soul, and as such, there are a lot of good memories to share.

If you visit Springfield, you have to visit the park, it is a good place to enjoy a picnic lunch, a place where the kids can stretch their legs. And, if you  have a mind to, you can lace up the skates and hit the ice rink inside Nelson Center. The highlight of the visit though, will be the stone bridge. A great place to capture a family portrait while you are visiting.

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