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Growing up, I remember taking road trips with the family. They usually happened on a Sunday afternoon, and while they were often short drives in the immediate area, I always looked forward to the time in the car. I have always had that traveler mentality.

Today, I still like to get in the car and just pick a direction. Having driven much of Central Illinois more than once in my life, you would think that the possibilities for a unique road trip would start to lesson. I have found that to be quite the opposite. I have certain area's that I tend to target, but it seems that I can always find a new, unexplored road to travel, revealing some fantastic scenery to take in.

The galleries here in an Illinois Road trip are a collection of just some of the places that I have had the pleasure of visiting. This group of photos will be the one to grow the most, except for my On the Farm galleries, so come on in, and enjoy the ride.

If you have a special road trip in Central Illinois, or anywhere in Illinois for that matter, leave me a message below.

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