Springfield Capitol Airport, as I knew it as a kid, has had quite an impact on my family. When I was a kid, my Dad took flying lessons at Bisch Airways there, even worked for them to help pay for his flying. I left home for the very first time via Capitol Airport and Ozark Airlines. I even proposed to my wife Susan on the observation deck at the old terminal back in the mid 1970's. 

Our son Eric developed a strong love of aviation at the airport, went for his first airplane ride when he was a youngster (wasn't happy when his flight ended, he didn't want to stop and still today, he has a strong love of flying. Today, Eric's son, our grandson is about to finish his flight training and is currently working at the airport as a ramp agent. 

Over the years, the airport has seen many changes. The observation deck no longer exists, the terminal has gone through a couple of makeovers, and the Air National Guard no longer has a flying mission, and once again, the terminal is going through it's latest makeover.

I have to say that this is probably the classiest makeover so far. There is still some work to do, and when they finish in June, I will be adding more pics of the terminal minus all the construction stuff hanging around. Stay tuned

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