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I remember as a young boy, going for my first airplane ride. I was pretty young, can't remember exactly how old I was, but I remember the day pretty well. It was on an Easter Sunday afternoon. Mom and Dad took me to the Old Southwest Airport here in Springfield. We flew in a Piper Tri-Pacer, and to this day, it is one of my favorite airplanes. Today, The old airport is no longer, it is now Westchester Subdivision, one or two of the bulidings still stand and have housed several different business.

As a teenager, Dad started back up with his flying activities that he had started before he married Mom and started a family. I used to hang out at the airport while he flew. Back then, I could go just about anywhere I wanted to. My typical routine would be the terminal building, the air traffic control tower, and then the weather service. I would follow up by visiting the Capitol Aviation hanger and by that time, Dad's lesson was about done. I have always loved flying, but never pursued it. Give me a chance and I will fly without hesitation.

When our son Eric was young, we developed a love for airplanes and flying as well. He was very fortunate to have the opportunity to fly with a Central Illinois aviation legend, Rudy Frasca. Rudy was really taken by Eric's desire to fly and he was the only one who would allow 14 year old Eric to take lessons at his airport/flying service. Today, Eric has his private pilots license and I have had the pleasure of flying with him on several occasions. But, the buck doesn't stop here.

Today, our grandson was the recipient of a scholarship funded by the EAA to get his private pilots license, and he may well pursue a career of flying. As I write this, he has made his first solo and is about half way to his ticket. I know that his Great Grandpa is watching over him, and is proud as punch that the flying legacy is continuing in the Fromm Family.

My love of aviation involves me flying with our son and soon our grandson. I look at those flights thru the lens of my camera and will be posting pics from those flights here.

Enjoy my view of the world of aviation, and come back often, there will be somewhat regular posts.

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